I woke up on May 16, 2008 realizing that I had lost over $1,000,000 of my net worth, so far that year. The economy was collapsing, I had gained weight and was not being the man people in my life deserved nor the man I knew I could be. I sat at breakfast with my then 2-year-old daughter, feeling sorry for myself, when she poked me in the belly and innocently said, "It's soft daddy." I was overcome with emotion and made the ultimate commitment to myself to never again lower my standards in any aspect of my life.


From that moment on, I began studying high achievers in business, family, and fitness. I immersed myself in learning about human psychology. I began to train my mind and body to live at my fullest. The countless hours and money I spent during this journey has completely transformed my life. 

And now I am helping businesses and other people transform theirs...

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